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Trump Doesn’t Know A Damn Thing About Dams

Donald Trump

finally opened his mouth about


and hydropower last week. The result is as bad as you can imagine.

Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star,


what Trump had to say:

“Hydropower is great, great, form of power—we don’t even talk about it, because to get the environmental permits are virtually impossible. It’s one of the best things you can do—hydro. But we don’t talk about it anymore.”

But, once again, Trump is dead wrong.

Here are the problems with hydropower worldwide:

Trump’s statement that “we don’t talk about it anymore” is ridiculous. In fact, there are hundreds of massive hydropower dams

under construction

across the globe, and thousands being planned.

Clearly, Trump doesn’t know a damn thing

about dams


Gary Wockner, PhD, directs river-protection organizations and is the author of River Warrior: Fighting to Protect the World’s Rivers. Contact:



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