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Costa Rica’s Envision Fest 2018: 5 Unexpected Benefits of Attending

By Yulita Zavada

When you come to


, there are a lot of expectations: music, art, flow,


. With that comes so much more that you couldn’t dream up. On the edge of the jungle, we come together to cultivate an environment that brings about a symbiotic growth and connection rooted in magic, openness and love.

Whether this is your first experience or you’re a seasoned Envisionee, prepare for an experience that surpasses your wildest imaginings.

1. Rekindling Your Relationship With the Earth

As you immerse yourself in the ancient powers of the

Costa Rican jungle

and look out to the infinite ocean, you will find yourself among howler monkeys, sloths, toucans and more. This is when you realize that you are so much more than human, that you have a sense of belonging in this intense, diverse world that exists beyond the fringes of your comfort zone.

The food is sourced right from the local farms and the very jungle that shelters you, and you can learn how to further utilize its magic while also giving back in synchronicity through Envision Cofounder Sarah Wu’s Permaculture Workshop where she introduces the

12 Fundamentals of Permaculture


2. Finding Your Tribe

Envision brings people together that are all looking for something more. This is a chance for all of us to share and learn from one another and create the ultimate community. Community is one of the pillars of Envision Festival. With only 5,000 people in attendance, you are bound to find a sense of home as you encounter familiar faces and build connections. This is a realm where we are all free of judgment and expectations. In the other, we come to better know ourselves. We all have different stories and come from different places, but at Envision we all share a connection with ourselves, with the Earth and with one another. Open up,

make new friends

and allow yourself to receive the love you radiate as you find your tribe.

Ron Worobec

3. Learning Self Care

Through movement, discover the boundless nature of your being. With yoga, inversion and energy work courses available every step of the way, there is so much opportunity for expansion. Whether you’re a beginner or avid practitioner, challenge yourself and learn from the incredible instructors we have gathered from all over. Nurture your being with local, organic foods while learning how to apply the same fundamentals in your daily life with workshops on permaculture, nutrition and conscious consumption. This is your opportunity to take time for yourself, and really check in with what your body is communicating with you. The jungle is brutally beautiful, waiting to challenge, heal and guide you back into your own arms.

Aaron Glassman

4. Redefining Medicine

Travel is exhausting and stressful on the body and mind, and sometimes that calls for a little healing. When you arrive at Envision you will find that there are resources for you to turn to in the case you’re not feeling your best. Visit the

Village Witches Healing Sanctuary

and check out the Elixir Bar and hosted by NOHM for energy boosts and refreshing concoctions packed with nutrients. We will also be bringing back the

Zendo Project

to provide trained and effective staff in the event your or a friend may need assistance with any difficulty or stressors. You’ll also find a number of opportunities to better understand the influence of diet in your day in workshops and our top-shelf local food offerings.

Daniel Zetterstrom

5. Revealing You to Yourself

In the modern world we have become complacent, and while there is comfortability in this, we have become increasingly out of touch with our place in the natural world. Travel and new environments will often bring you some level of discomfort. In the elements, it’s helpful to tune in to your body as much as the environment. It will take a moment for you to regain your balance, as you adventure into a deeper understanding of yourself. In confronting your own vulnerabilities, you will be able to harness an inner power that will surface. You will find a new love and appreciation for your mind and body to carry you through this soulful experience. Any hesitation you may experience at first when approaching strangers, will quickly evaporate once you realize that Envision is as much a family as it is a festival.


provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

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