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Is this this the Future We Want?

This article is the third in the series of exploring what it means to ‘co-create the Future We Want‘ from a climate change and sustainability perspective. The first article ‘Reality check-in‘ introduced the issues and causes of climate change, the... Read More

Our Future Our Choice

This is the second article in the series of ‘co-creating the Future We Want‘ from a climate change and sustainability perspective. In the previous article ‘Reality check-in‘ we had a look at some of the key sustainability issues today and... Read More

Reality check-in

This article is the first in a series of ‘co-creating the Future We Want’ articles. The first three articles are written from a climate-change perspective to bring into focus the context and urgency of change on a global scale. Subsequent... Read More

Permaculture Gardens in Schools

Vision To develop edible gardens within school communities that will encourage health and build life-long skills and knowledge of participants, enabling communities to grow towards a more environmentally sustainable future. Key goals To create life-long learning opportunities through the establishment... Read More

St Mary’s College – reflections

Anamantoo Boni Bangari – St Mary’s College, Teacher & EFS Mentor “The English verb “educate” derives from Latin infinitive mood  “ēducāre”(1st.conjugation) which is the intensive form of  the verb “educĕre” (3rd.conjugation) originally  meaning “to draw out”. Searching  the Internet for... Read More

BPS Fatima – our experiences

Why Sustainability? As education is an act of imparting and acquiring general knowledge, developing the power of reasoning and judgement and also preparing oneself for the future. Hence, it is at school that we should raise the awareness of present... Read More

EFS progress report LCC

Many people talk about sustainable living or “Maurice ile durable” as a great way to help the planet and its inhabitants, but for most people it is just a vague concept. First of all, we believe that we need to... Read More

EFS update October 2013

It is now almost 3 years since ELIA started its Ecological Literacy Programme (ELP) for 18 Secondary Schools in Mauritius part of the Bureau de l’Education Catholique (BEC) Network. ELP started with Phase I in February 2011. Phase II took place... Read More
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