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Eco Tourism and Cultural Heritage at SMC

In the beginning of 2014 our School St Mary’s College (SMC) Rose-Hill signed the  Education for Sustainability Charter and pledge. In keeping with our commitment to this, the Travel and Tourism students of SMC organized various activities on the themes of Culture &... Read More

Learning for Sustainability at LCC 2016

Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) has been part of the Education for Sustainability programme since 2011. Since a few years, EfS is now fully implemented in the whole curriculum and has become part of our mainstream education, with the financial support... Read More

Unlearning to Learn Anew – Part 1

‘Systems Thinking’ Only a couple of months ago this concept was unknown to me but now I am striving to wrap my consciousness round this notion. I felt quite disappointed in myself, for someone who prided in thinking outside the... Read More

What we learned from our eco-retreat

This article is written by a student from Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) in Mauritius, through which she shares what she learned from the eco-retreat that was organized by LCC in July 2014 to La Vallee de Ferney. The Kestrel The... Read More

L’Education à travers le Sport

Loin d’être qu’une série d‘activité physique menant à des compétitions , le sport peut être un véritable moteur pour le changement, c’est ce que s’attèle à démontrer la Grand Rivier South East Gymnastics Club. Donner aux jeunes l’opportunité de trouver un sens à leur... Read More
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