Climate Change

What does Climate Change mean?

Climate change, driven by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities, has emerged as a arguably the most significant global threat to human and planetary wellbeing. Given the significance of climate change especially for the most vulnerable countries like the least developed countries and island states, there is a call for large-scale reduction in the stock of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere through mitigation and sequestration measures. Since the climate system has been perturbed and will continue to change even if global emissions of greenhouse gases would be reduced to zero, countries have to also develop policies, strategies and actions plan to adapt to the impacts of climate change and climate variability.

What are likely impacts of Climate Change?

Due to current levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere we have already committed ourselves to a two degree rise in temperature by 2050. And worse, we are currently heading for four degrees rise in temperature by the end of the century with current fossil-fuel dependent consumption and production patterns.What are the impacts of a four degrees rise in temperature? This is something that all citizens from all generations should at least have a basic understanding of. Since climate change is and will continue to affect everybody around the world, this needs to become a key component within our educational systems. The video below explains what a four degrees warmer world will mean for us as human beings.

Climate Change Education

Climate Change education is vital for preparing ourselves for climate change impacts and to learn which actions we can take to prevent a four degree warmer world. UNESCO has developed the Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development programme, with the aim of making climate change education a more central and visible part of the international response to climate change. Click here to download the UNESCO Climate Change Initiative resource document.

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