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EFS Training at LCC – A First-Timers View

I was excited about attending the Education for Sustainability training at Loreto College Curepipe. I have known about the project for a while and was very curious to see it in action as I have a great interest in both sustainability and in education. I am a home educator and sustainability is one of the primary reasons. I just didn’t see education being able to help lead the world out of the unsustainable state we are in. I want my children to be able to think out of the box and not be boxed in by conventional thinking. We are also a values led family from my husband teaching values centred leadership at the corporate level to defining and living our own family values. I hadn’t seen this truly implemented by many schools. After our half day session I now have hope that it does exist and will spread. My only question is, will it be fast enough?


The day started with a great EFS Introduction for Form 1. I was pleased to see the girls both interested and engaged. Anneloes led an excellent basic training that was easy to understand and also compelling. Everyone needs to know this information and be able to share it. I took copious notes to share with my daughters. She played a number of videos for effect as well. I replayed the Sesame Street one on leaving the tap running that evening to my 4 year old. It did it’s job as she is now more concerned about saving the fish than just leaving the tap running! It thrilled me to see that this is not just about Eco projects but incorporating social justice as well to go the full cycle.


The next training session was for the Student and Teacher Mentors. It highlighted the Core Competencies of EFS including: 1. Systems Thinking – how everything is interrelated and we can’t look at anything separately.  2. Ecological Literacy  3. Experiential Learning     4. Creativity and Vision  5. Commitment – to an educational system that is transformative, value-based and future oriented.  6. Leadership and Responsibility. We also reviewed the Charter that had recently been signed with the Vision, Principles and Mission. I am happy to say that I also saw signs throughout the school of its implementation – lots of posters and garden plots being allocated, the excitement of the student leaders and more.

The last session was with the Rector and Key Mentor Teachers over lunch. They reviewed new information, where they were now and their next steps in imbedding these principles throughout the curriculum and not just as an after school club for a few. I found myself really excited to be around such inspiring leaders in the Mauritius educational system. I take my hat off to what they are achieving! And here is a huge round of applause for LCC and ELIA! It is my hope that their inspiration will lead a revolution in transforming education for the sustainability of our planet!

Written by Lisa Gylsen.

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