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Welcome to the Education for Sustainability (EfS) Platform! This platform has been created to support learning, action and innovation for sustainability through formal and informal education. Through this platform you can share the Stories and resources for a sustainable and flourishing society.

This platform is open to everybody, anywhere in the world. There is a also a special Children & Youth section designed to support Youth advocacy for sustainability.

If you like to stay in touch with sustainability news from around the world on a daily basis, click here. If you like to Learn more about EfS, sustainable development, climate change, and how to develop key EfS competencies such as Systems Thinking, Creativity & Visioning, and Ecological Literacy, visit the Learn Section.

It is clear today that our sustainability crisis cannot be solved by the same kind of education that helped to create it. Although we have more people than ever before enrolled in educational programmes, the level of ecological illiteracy is alarming. Most of the educational systems are not preparing people how to contribute to a sustainable society and future.

For education to play a transformative role in steering society towards sustainability, it will need the capacity to create ecologically literate individuals. Such a person will have the knowledge necessary to comprehend interrelatedness, understand how complex systems work, and an attitude of care or stewardship towards the natural world.

There is a growing consensus around the world that innovation and transformation of our educational systems is going to be one of the most important priorities to help resolve our current ecological crisis.

Sustainable living and sustainable development requires a very different kind of thinking and approach compared to how and what most children today learn.

The EFS programme supports the transformation of the educational systems by embedding key eco-system principles into the educational system and fostering collaboration, synergy and exchange between subjects, disciplines, activities, people and their organisations.

Learning is change process that extends beyond formal educational boundaries. Learning for sustainability is required at every level of society as an ongoing commitment to the development and applications of our capabilities and care for our world and future.

Through the EFS programme we support schools to become a Learning Community through a ‘learning-by-doing’ and ‘enquiry based’ approach. Representatives from each of the stakeholders (students, teachers, management, non-teaching staff, parents) are engaged throughout the programme for their input and feedback to achieve whole school support. Teachers and students receive training, among others, in systems thinking, ecological literacy, stewardship, learning & development for EFS, dialogue, ecological footprint analysis, and climate change.

The overall vision and commitment of the programme is for schools to demonstrate that learning for sustainability is an ongoing process that takes place at every level in the school system, and is not limited to the classroom or the students. Through collaboration with partners and networks outside the school system, students and teachers learn how to contribute to the formation of learning networks for sustainability.

EFS Stories

L’Education à travers le Sport

Loin d’être qu’une série d‘activité physique menant à des compétitions , le sport peut être un véritable moteur pour le changement, c’est ce que s’attèle à démontrer la Grand Rivier South East Gymnastics... Read More

Ecological Literacy

Ecological Literacy is a basic life-skill that every human being on our planet should be supported to develop and is part of our personal development. Ecology as a science is... Read More

In Transit …

I am sitting at the Boston International Airport (USA), in a coffee shop waiting for the check-in to open. I am in transit to my next destination – Paris– to... Read More

Sustainability News from around the World

Systems Thinking

A significant part of our current sustainability crisis stems from our inability to understand the complex interconnections between the causes and effects of our actions over time. Systems Thinking makes us aware of the hidden connections, interdependence, feedback flows, and networks of relationships that we impact on and are impacted by. Systems Thinking is a key competency for ecological literacy and should be actively advocated and supported at all levels of education – formally and informally.

Ecological Literacy

Ecological Literacy is a basic life-skill that every human being on our planet should be supported to develop. An ecologically literate person understands that we are all part of a living system.

An ecologically literate person translates this understanding into actions that demonstrate conscious efforts to minimize negative impacts on our life-sustaining systems and maximize value contribution to our collective well being, now and for future generations.


Stewardship development should be one of the most important objectives of our educational systems. Through the EFS programme children & youth are supported to develop their natural sense of responsibility and care for the eco-systems that sustain us. Stewardship brings into practice what they learned through Systems Thinking and Ecological Literacy. And it prepares them to reach out for connecting our visions and skills to develop a sustainable and flourishing society and future.

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